You might be tempted to jump to those 5 secrets even before I complete this sentence. Do it, Go ahead. In case you are still reading this than let me give you some background. These are my certified ones. These are those which have helped me in my career. You might have your own secrets but I personally believe that everything gets covered under these 5. There are thousands of people who work with you but only few succeed. Have you wondered why? Maybe this post will give you that idea. Remember these principals can be used in any field (even if you are a Blogger).

So you as an individual have many desires and prominent one of those is

1) You want to ROCK

2) You want to ROCK at every opportunity— again and again.

So in a sense you want to be popular. Imagine yourself as a product. In order to be the market leader, 2 important things that you require are

1) You need to have substance

2) You need good marketing.

Once a product establishes its market than the success follows. However success has a very peculiar habit

1) The product needs to put a lot of effort at the start to get success

2) When it becomes popular success follows the product

This is true for us too. Yes I am talking about us as human beings and as able employees. So here it goes along with small explanation

5 Secrets that will Rock You on the Job


1) Work Hard– Extra Hours, Day or Night, Just work hard. There is no substitute to this. You need to do this for
a. Mastering your area of work

b. Learning

c. A weapon which will force other to take you as a No nonsense

2) Let other Know about it– Yes advertise. At times people need to be told about it. Don’t trust them that they will already know how hard you work. There is no harm in telling your Boss how late you got yesterday night because of the project (even if it meant calling late in night to update him). Mention your efforts in discussions. Talk about your experiences. However do remember that right advertisement pitch is the one that does not annoy but rather pull your customers. Don’t overdo it. This will help you to

a. Make sure that people around you know that you work hard

b. It gets dug deep into the mind of your colleagues that you work hard. This is important

3) Network with People of all Groups– Offer genuine help. Be nice to people of all departments even if it’s from unrelated ones like finance, technology, operations etc. Keep your work aside and help them first. You need to be their best friend and their best hope. Your success would get measured only when they demonstrate it by coming to you only rather than going to someone else in your team. This will help you to

a. Expand your popularity outside your team

b. Emanate the phenomenon which will reflect back on you from unrelated but important people.



4) Learn Work of related area– There is no harm in learning. Knowledge of related process would help you know the best processes and skills available around. This would help you in your Job. This will help you to

a. Become multi-skilled

b. Have wholesome and consolidated knowledge of all related areas.

5) Be Prepared if someone Leaves – This one is my favorite. When someone leaves there is a vacuum that gets created. Most of times company pin down their hopes on existing employees to rescue them. Be the first one to offer help. Don’t step back. Go ahead and rush yourself. This will help you

a. To be counted as a Hero

b. Extra responsibility means more scope and hence more growth.

c. This translate into promotion in future

So you must be wondering how this will help you and how they will fall in sequence. Here it goes

1) I work hard and I am the best.

2) Manager relies on me for most of his projects.

3) But I need to update him on my work

4) I need to tell him how hard I work and how task gets easy when they come to me

5) I need to tell him that I am his only hope and the best bet too

6) I need to help other people selflessly

7) I need more friends around because they act like my messenger

8 ) I need those employees to talk to their manager who in turn should talk to my manager and my super boss.

9) I need to learn the work of other people

10) I need to contribute in discussions, offer solution, and show how I remain updated on everything and can solve problems of almost everyone in the team

11) When someone leaves I need to grab the opportunity

12) My Manager would recommend me because he rely on me

13) If the decision goes to other department than other people would either recommend me or should agree by my name

14) I should have all skills so that I should not lose any opportunity because of thelack of it.

15) Once I get new role, its turf conquered

Regardless, I would always be considered for growth, opportunities and promotion if I follow the above.

“When this Happens Celebrate It”

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