The code of ethics examples can be understood as certain Principles to live by and these Principles apply to an individual, an organization, a country or to an entire society as a whole. Such principles touch almost all the aspects of life such as individual, social, moral, behavioral, financial and the list is endless. These principles delineate a certain manner of conduct for oneself. Any violation in following up the procedure can therefore be judged and subsequently the proper course of action for its re-establishment can be followed.


The significance for the Code of ethics is to maintain the Goodness of the society and not letting the Evil aspect to rise up and even if it does, one should know how to curb it?


There are some renowned code of ethics examples from different walks of life that let us understand that How the code of ethics needs to be implemented in ones life?


Code of Moral ethics: Moral codes are our value systems that we believe in. Morality is the inner voice of conscience that helps us determine what is right and what is wrong. Such value system is instilled in an individual through the education systems, initial learning, religious teachings or his upbringing. These are codes that are non-written and may vary from individual to individual.


Moral ethics are not confined to any one part of our life , they are to be applied to any section of our life i.e. from Daily routine to our work place. If an individual is adept at following Moral ethics it becomes very easy for him to follow the rest of the ethics like Personal, societal, business and professional.


Code of Personal Ethics: Such ethics are applied to an individual’s personal conduct in daily life. How we Behave with others? What moral values we imbibe? How we look upon humanity? How we maintain our own integrity? These are a few examples of one’s personal code of conduct.


One of the recent code of ethics examples that reminds me of high standards of personal ethics as set is by Barack Obama. During his presidential campaign he never really resorted to unfair means and practices. When everybody resorted to maligning the opponents name through unfair practices and scandals, Barack Obama stood firm on his political social and global agenda. He was equally rewarded for his ethics by People of America, when he was finally elected.


Code of Societal Ethics: When the ethics are applied to an entire society we term them as societal code of conduct. A society is a group of individuals and they too have a rulebook regarding their beliefs about culture, religion, race and their own beliefs by which they are identified. One should pay respect to those beliefs and try not to hurt the feelings of the people.


Mahatma Gandhi always had high regards for ethics in his life. He single handedly uprooted the British systems in India. Through his non-violence movement he laid the foundation of Ahimsa in the each & every Indian. But under mass hysteria a few Police personnel were burnt alive in Choura-Chouri district. This made Gandhi, bring down the entire non-cooperation movement and go on a huger strike which continued for days till entire India vowed of not going back to violence again. It was only through his sheer belief in non-violence that he leaded a society of 400 million Indians to freedom.


Code of Business Ethics: These are ethics that prevent an organization from doing activities that may harm the interests of other organizations, individual society or the country. An organization is having a lot of responsibilities towards its stakeholders, consumers and environment. In the process of money making never should these ethics be compromised as this may lead to tarnishing the organizational image and subsequently profits.


Apple incorporation for instance, understands its role towards maintaining Business ethics and therefore to help bring down the greenhouse gas emissions, Apple incorporation has made this a policy that they design each and every product as per the energy efficiency categories listed within the EPA ENERGY STAR 5.0 database as of June 2010.The objective is to keep a check on the green house gas emissions.


Code of Professional Ethics: ethics that teach us how to behave with our colleagues in the profession also help us grow as an individual. One should be a good team player, have empathies for his fellow employees and give everyone an equal opportunity to grow and show his/her skills.


Let me tell you a great code of ethics example of following Professional ethics, where in at a semifinal decider match between Pakistan and Westindies Courtney Walsh warned Jafer while he was trying to leave his crease and run before the ball was bowled. The reason is that you could be run out for leaving your crease as a batsman before the bowl is bowled. If Walsh wanted, he could have run out Jaffer and won the match.


The success of a man is counted by not the material gains he has made in his lifetime but how ethically he has done that. The Code of Ethics examples given above proves that the growth of a person is therefore not complete if is not justified ethically.

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