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Effective Communication – How FacesForce Can Make You Rock

One of the Biggest Challenge we face in everyday life is communication. The words, the thoughts, the gestures seem to never help us the way we want to express ourselves. There is always something more which can be done about it and we always find ourselves helpless about it. The problem compounds many fold when we communicate with someone who is at far off distance. Yes, Globalization has many advantages but all it lacks is human touch. The modes of communication like email, chat, voice, or video conferencing is either ineffective or is expensive. On top of this time zone takes its own toll and makes the experience much bitter. All we are left with is an option to either adjust ourselves to the situation or spend enormous amount. Yes, money matters and this is the reason that human mind has always been on lookout for ways and means to be more expressive.


Right communication at right time has several advantages. No matter where you are or in what situation, if you crack the code of effective communication the success is not too far. Let us talk of situations where you always find yourself


  1. Your resume can be more effective if you can add some personal touch
  2. Your Business Pitch can be more effective if you can be more expressive about it.
  3. Your Presentations to the team can be more effective if you can put real emphasis on important points
  4. Your Presentations to management can be synchronized in terms of expressing real issues with effective examples
  5. You communication with loved ones can be enhanced killing the feeling of loneliness
  6. Your company employees can be better trained if you can bring the real life examples with real gestures.
  7. A Project can be rolled out with ease without any risk of mis-communication.
  8. A Project can be delivered to customer with details which is always available to them at click of mouse
  9. A company policy always available to all the employees detailing them of the important points
  10. A company values and mission always available to employees with human touch from top leaders of the corporation.


Office Politics

These are some of situations where you definitely score. Remember all things considered equal the one who is scores above others is the one


1)      Who is different

2)      Got its own style

3)      Got the Killer attitude


This Principal helped me recently with all its might. There was a situation recently where I had to Train a team 7 people on new project across 3 continents. What did I do? I used FacesForce


I never imagined that the 4 Step Process could have been that effective.


All it involved was


1)      Recording my views through a webcam

2)      Pasting the literature in the Input box

3)      Adding relevant pictures at appropriate places

4)      And Pressing Done



How it turned out? Just Amazing

Only Problem– You Delete profile and you lose the Credit. So Edit it instead of Deleting (Update- Restriction now removed. You got unlimited profiles in one login)


I shared the link with my folks and it became a manual for them. Anytime they now need to look back on instructions the go through the link


Me= Appreciation



In 2 days the concept was copied and became a hit.


It works, It really works. It has worked to an extent that for important job positions in my company I have asked the shortlisted candidates to mail their resume through FacesForce.


Try It, It is a step ahead of your normal communication



Ask A Question, It Is Better Than Answering One

Answers, Answers, Answers that is all we have looked for in all these years of our life. Right from childhood to passing out from professional courses, we have always been inclined to look for answers. This habit has got so much mixed in our blood that we always look to find answers in our life. Relationships, jobs, love, hate, office, shopping or any other place you can think of, Answers is what we look forward to for any question that pops up in our mind. The buck doesn’t stops here; we keep on harping from one situation to another, from one scenario to another just to find answers to something which at times has no real answer at all. Life changes its course at every moment and nothing remains as constant as our ability to find answers. Frankly, don’t you ever get fed up? I bet not because you won’t be having a simplest of idea that this can happen to you. No human being ever thinks that anything worse can happen to them just because they are impermeable. Bit this is not the truth. The mindset from years gets developed in a manner that it takes a herculean effort to change it even at the basic level. However this is till the time you don’t know the difference, and if you do than there is no stopping. Yes, there is no stopping when the animal inside you is out for a kill.


So what exactly is this habit and why I am making such a fuss around it. Let’s start from base level with some generic examples


Unsuccessful in love, what you have always done


1)     Looked for answer of rejection

2)     Always asked for the reason

3)     Looked for ways to get back your love



Even in Job or your Career, when you are not rocking you always


1)     Look for answers to stagnation

2)     Always look for excuses as to why you have not made as good progress as your peers

3)     Always waited for golden moment in all these years



The main point here is that


Office Politics

The question do pops up in your mind, Why you or what if? And then you look for answers


1)     what if I don’t pass in test- You think this and then you imagine scenarios and start to look for answers to each scenario

2)     What if I get fired tomorrow- You think this and then you imagine scenarios and start to look for answers to each scenario


Many times you look for answers to small situations the outcome of which is beyond your control


1)     I would get good raise because I have done hard work, my project was hit etc etc etc

2)     My boss is angry maybe because…………..



The story continues, you = always on a hunt for answers


Have you ever thought that situation would have been different had you asked yourself questions rather than answers.


Yes “Ask a Question” –  that could make huge difference


When Unsuccessful in love


1)     Ask yourself is this the end?

2)     Ask yourself if you did your best?

3)     Ask yourself do you owe to people who love you rather than whom do you love?


When you face problems in Job


1)     Ask yourself what you could have done better

2)     Ask yourself do you have plan B?

3)     Ask yourself  how you can crack the trend



In similar scenario


1)     Ask yourself- why you failed and if this path is for you?

2)     Ask yourself- I can get fired any moment no matter how good I am, Do I want to live in this fear always

3)     Ask yourself- Does good raise satisfies your hunger, if not than what satisfies it

4)     Ask yourself- What if boss is angry, Am I gonna live according to whims and fancies of others


The only difference in asking such questions is that


1)     You look far

2)     You look beyond

3)     You highlight real issues




1)     Go to core

2)     Look at bigger picture

3)     Think of something concrete



Yes, In life, Sometimes it is better to Ask A Question.


Yes, In life, Sometime it is better to look at mirror


If that does not make you Uncomfortable, You have a real Problem in hand.


Try It

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