15 Exercises For Better Focus And Concentration

Concentration and Focus are the two deciding factors that can help you to achieve any goals in your life. This is potent power deep within us which if used effectively can help us achieve the impossible in life. Concentration and focus are required not only in your business or profession but in simple day to day tasks as well. You may want to excel in your job, you may want to score high marks in your exams, win important tournament or games in life or even working out to get some peace in life- Concentration and Focus are your best tool to help you achieve any of the related goal. However there is learning associated with exploring your inner powers and making the best use of them. You need to start slowly with your effort of increasing your focus and concentration powers and continuously work on it.  You may not see immediate result but you need to be patient about it. Another important part is following the rules and doing it correctly. This is an inner strength which if developed correctly can be called at will and exercised to win important battles in life.


The degree of success in any endeavor is the directly dependant on the level of concentration and focus you posses. It brings out the best in a person. The quality of the work done with high degree of concentration and focus is exceptional or extraordinary whether you are simply playing the slots or solving a complicated theorem. To start with any exercise first you need an environment which is free from distractions. Eventually you would not find any problem to get your act together but a peaceful place helps you to get things right and in right manner too. Important part is the consistency and will to practice it regularly over a period of time. While you would find some exercises that are elaborative and need special attention, there are others which can be done as situation demands.

15 Exercises for Better Focus and Concentration


There are various exercises that can improve your concentration and focus. Given below are 15 such exercises. You need to find out which suits you depending on the time and inclination.


Exercise 1- Meditation (Dhyan): Sit comfortably with your spine erect. Loosen your muscles one after the other. Concentrate on your breathing. Initially, sit still for at least five minutes. Remember not to strain and remain relaxed throughout. After regular practice, your span will increase over time.


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Exercise 2- Tratak (Fixing Gaze): This age old yogic practice involves fixing an unflinching gaze on an oil lamp placed in front of you and then closing eyes and visualizing it. Repeat the process till you are comfortable. This practice steadily brings wandering mind to a focus.


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Exercise 3 –  Pranayam (Controlled Breathing) and Yoga: These are proven to increase concentration and memory power. Pranayam induce more oxygen in your blood and certain yoga postures improve oxygenated blood supply to your brain. This results in improved brain functions like better concentration and focus.


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Exercise 4-   Object Meditation: This type of meditation involves channeling thoughts on a specific object in mind. Choose any object of your choice but your concentration shall not wander from it. In case it does, bring it back to the object. In the beginning, it is indeed difficult to do this for even a few minutes. But slowly your will power will strengthen and the span of concentration will increase.


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Exercise 5-   Counting: Count the number of words in a paragraph in a book. Repeat it to confirm that you did not go wrong anywhere. Then switch to counting words in a full page. Remember to perform counting mentally. Similarly, count 1 to 100. Count backwards. Count skipping three numbers. You can derive your own styles of counting to keep your mind engage.


Exercise 6-   Japa (Repeating a word or phrase): This is another ancient method from Indian sages. Choose a word with a sound that enchants you. Or a phrase that inspires you. Sit comfortably with erect spine, close your eyes and repeat this word or phrase as long as you can concentrate on it. Get totally immersed in it. Slowly, increase time span.


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Exercise 7-   Relax while working: Watch your body while you work. Focus on the movements of your muscles. The real key here is to see that you are not making unnecessary movements with your body. Be sure to keep all of your muscles at ease while you work. Keep your mind on staying relaxed.


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Exercise 8-   Focus on fingertips: Sit erect in a chair. Point your right arm out in level with your shoulder. Turn only your head and look directly at your fingers. Now, work on keeping your arm perfectly still. Focus on your fingers and watch them intently. Try this for one minute with the right arm and then one minute with the left arm at first, slowly work up to more time.


Exercise 9-   Go with the flow: At times, go with the flow of thoughts in mind or actions at hand. Try to stick to that particular flow without getting distracted.


Exercise10- Physical Exercise: Your physical fitness has a bearing on your level of concentration. If you have nagging health, you cannot concentrate with anything at hand. So, do regular physical exercise and remain fit.


Exercise 11- Hypnosis: Hypnosis can directly program your brain and induce behavioral corrections and positive actions. Seek professional hypnotizer’s help if you find it hard to change habits that affect your concentration. It can work wonders to improve focus.


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Exercise 12- Visualization:  Visualize yourself as a calm and focused person. Visualize your upcoming activity or a day before getting into it. Visualize that you are fully in control and immersed in the act. It prepares you mentally to perform the task physically.

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Exercise 13- The dot: make a dot on the wall at eye level. Stand about ten inches away, facing the wall and concentrate on the dot. Think about the dot as another person. Feel that your breath is coming from the dot.


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Exercise 14Listen to your heart: Concentrate on your heart and listen to your heartbeats. Centre your whole attention on your heart. This is spiritually uplifting as well.



Exercise 15- Crossword and Sudoku:  Attempt these and other brain teasers. They activate dormant portions of your brains and improve your span of concentration by keeping you engaged and focused for long.


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It is ok if you cannot concentrate and focus at first and your mind keeps wandering away. This is natural and almost each one of us experiences the same. However the need is to get your act together whenever you face such situation and get back on the track. Most people feel annoyed and eventually leave the exercises which are purely a personal decision. If you believe that results would be instant then let me warn you that depend upon your willingness to give your best effort. Any work done in half hearted manner does not yield expected results. There are initial problems but once you get the hang of it the results are phenomenal. Concentration and Focus has to ability to make you achieve you Goals and that too at exceptional pace.



This Post is written by Sanjeev Raspaile


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