You have gone for the interview and have been waiting for the result. But unexpectedly, you get your employment letter and you are required to start immediately. You are happy but at the same time fidgeting because this is your first job in life and you don't know the responsibility that will be given to you  or what to do in your first job post. Relax! There is no need to be afraid. You are not the only person in this condition. This article is for you. The tips given here will be of help to you. Here are some of the tips that you should apply in order to help you know the right steps to take. 

Get updated about your employer and his competitors

It is now certain that you have got job. In order to get idea of what your employer want or where he is heading for, you should take time to know more about his company as well as its competitor. Visit the company's website and take time to read through the various pages such as the about us page, service pages and others. You will surely get reasonable information that will give you an idea of what your employer will be looking for. Now that you have learnt much about the employer, it is time to start preparing for the first day.


Having known much about your new employer, you will be able to tell the best attire suitable for the work. The nature of some work demands that you dress corporate or be on good suits. However, there are some works that will require you to dress in casual wear such as T-shirt and jeans. In other words, it is the type of work that you will be doing that will determine how you will dress. in general, it is always good to dress well. So, no matter the type of wear suitable for the job, you have to appear cute and neat. When you go to job on the first day, be observant. Watch other employees and know what they are wearing. This will help you to know how best to dress in the subsequent days. Some companies have dressing code which is normally stated in their job offer letter. So, read through your job offer letter to find out if there is anything like a job offer.

Understand the assignment given to you

Definitely, your employer or supervisor will welcome you and then assign you some job to do. You have to listen very well to your manager or supervisor when he or she is giving you works to be done. Make sure that you understand it very well. If you don't understand anything, it is important that you ask for clarification. It is better to ask for clarification than to what you think your manager say only to be discovered that you have done the wrong thing. You should make sincere effort to avoid making any mistake on your first day in office. Remember that first impression matters a lot. So, aim at creating the best impression. However, don't try to do the impossible in order to impress your supervisor. You should try to be realistic about your ability and what you can do in a day.

Don't be afraid to ask question

You should not have any fear in you especially when it comes to asking questions about the job. Find out from your supervisor how to communicate with him or her. However, you should try to be creative and not turning to your supervisor on everything. You can only run to him if you are not able to do anything.

Relate very well with other employees

You should be cheerful and social. Don't be so mean and concentrate so much on your new job post that you cannot say hi or exchange pleasantries with other employees. You are now part of them and so you have to join them in exchanging pleasantries. In this way, you will be completely part of them.