In the current scenario of challenge, competition and chase – how to be successful sometimes looks daunting and intimidating. It is baffling sometimes and we feel that success comes to those who are tenacious and opportunists.  However, looking at successful people we can shortlist certain definite signs of a successful person which we too may imbibe in ourselves.

10 signs of a successful person can be cited as:

1.      An important sign of a  successful person is that he has great ability to mingle well with people: 

Success in current times is no more a single man’s domain. To achieve success one quality which looks unambiguous is to get along with people well, to be able to work in a team. To be successful you should be able to connect well with people, develop consideration towards them in order to gain their cooperation.  

Mutual dependence is something which cannot be ruled out in today’s competitive era.


2.      Sign of a successful person is that he picks up a task that is close to his heart: 

When you do something wholeheartedly, you do it well. This is another key to success. Do what you love to do. 

 In case you are doing something which is not in your areas of interest then your chances of success become dim unless you find out what you would love to do. So pick up something that you would love to do. Doing what makes you happy will lead you towards happiness in life, towards your goal; this will make you successful at doing chores wholeheartedly.  

No work done with enthusiasm is ever lost. Try to involve yourself in the work of your interest. That is surely going to lead you towards success. 

3.      A successful person always goes step by step towards his goal: 

Slice your goal into smaller parts. Achieve one at a time and then eye the next. 

 Sometimes a task looks insurmountable and difficult to achieve and hence success looks elusive. Break such tasks into smaller units. Set reasonable goals and work on one at a time. Assimilate and focus all your energies towards that small task at the time. Thus making and achieving small and medium goals will eventually lead you towards the long term goals. 

4.      Differentiating sign of a successful person is that he believes in taking actions rather than procrastinating: 

Gear up and get going!

An important sign of being successful is to start acting towards the achievement of your goals. Instead of just procrastinating or waiting for an appropriate time to come to start a task, start doing it right now.  

Success does not come all of a sudden to anyone. It is the result of persistent and continued efforts. So not wasting the precious time is another aspect which leads you towards success. 

5.      Sign of a successful person is that he overcomes all his fears and shortcomings: 

Know all your shortcomings and know which areas related to work give you goose- bumps. Learn skills to overcome your shortcomings and dare to do those things what look fearful.  

A change in approach towards things leads to a substantial change. Hence trying to do the work that looks dreadful makes it approachable. Fear is just a short coming; overcome it. Handling your shortcomings make you go steps closer towards success. 

6.      Sign of a successful person is that he always keeps his approach positive: 

Believing that you can do a task is halfway through it. Hence keep your spirits high! 

 Know your strengths, believe in them and with a positive approach embark upon your journey towards your desired goals. 

7.      A major sign of a successful person is that he learns from his mistakes and takes them as stepping stones: 

Let Bygones be bygones. Bury the dead horses. Don’t let mistakes dwindle or dishearten you from going further.  

Forget the mistakes if you’ve made some. Don’t let them linger in your mind, learn from them and move further towards your goal. Try to maximize the returns from what comes your way. Instead of taking the mistakes as setbacks, take them as lessons and move ahead with a better and enhanced vision and experience 

8.      A successful person always keeps himself focused: 

Don’t give in to temptations, boredom or frustrations if they come to you before you achieve what you’ve wished to. 

Fight all odds, don’t quit the struggle halfway.  Keep your perseverance and continue towards the goal till you achieve it. At times you might feel diffident, as things might not always be achievable; but at such testing times by keeping the patience and perseverance intact you have to keep working towards the realization of your goal. No matter whatever are the distractions, don’t let your focus shift from the Goal. 

9.      Very important sign of a successful person is that he believes in his dreams: 

Don’t be afraid to dream. Don’t think that something you desire is out of your reach.  

Those people who are successful are average people but they believe in their dreams. 

They have full faith in themselves to make their dreams achievable. Once they look up at a task which they wish to achieve then they leave no stone unturned to turn their dreams into realities. 

10. The most important sign of a successful person is that he has the ability to refocus the focus towards the bigger picture: 

What makes a person successful is the ever burning desire to go ahead. A person who always wishes to achieve better than what he has already achieved, keeps working towards refinement and betterment.  

Success is indefinable phenomenon for the one who is successful. A person, whom we view as successful and extraordinary, never considers he is successful till the last breath he takes. So if we are looking from the achievers point then success is something unachievable, and from that view point the most important sign becomes – to be insatiable when it comes to achievements. The hunger to achieve more never appeases. The road towards success for the successful is never ending.


Picture- World Economic Forum

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