We do make mistakes and sometimes it relate to our relationships. Whenever there is love and care involved human emotions come into true force. Taking your mind off things that has taken your precious time is not only painful but heartbreaking too. Nevertheless something’s are meant to be broken and all one can do is to make it rest in peace.  Everything comes with warning and relationships are no different. There are signs of breaking up relationship and one should be conscious about them. It always helps to do things that strengthen them and never leave any stone unturned till the time you can do it. Calling it a day is easy but there are associated repercussions that span through out the life. But if the question is – Should We Break Up? – there is more than Yes or No.


Deciding on a break up is not easy and as emphasized one should not take decision in haste. Things deteriorate with time and it is upon us to mend it before they get worse. But sometime it is not under our control and we may find the person we are involved with is not the same one. We may find the person we love is not the right choice and there is no compatibility. Things get worse each passing day and relationship becomes more of pain than joy. Despite our best effort if things are not the way we want it to be then it is good to break up then carry the load further in our life.


Signs of breaking up relationship are for you and for the one you love. It always helps to read these signs and make necessary changes then wait for the change in heart. Like prevention is better than cure and so should be our willingness to fix things and make it work for us. So let’s talk about these signs


1) The biggest blow one can get is related to trust. It may seem that all trust is gone and you are surrounded by lie and deceit. You may try to talk about it but rather than accepting, the person is putting more curtains on it. Sometimes you can be wrong too and hence you need to be very objective about it.


2) Nagging or complaining about small things and frequent arguments are another signs. In past love was involved in such things and it is more of flirting. But once this element is missing you may start to suffocate.  We all want our way but when love is involved we either give up or accept it from others. But if this sign is missing then the relationship is up for failure.


3) There is no enthusiasm left. There were times when there was much energy in the relationship but now it is all gone. You hardly make effort to meet each other and when you meet there is something else which is more important.


4) The past pops up very often in all your things. Sometimes the past is not encouraging but bringing it forward to make your present bad makes no sense either. If small things from your past are making you feel worse then things is definitely not heading the right direction. There are chances that it may become worse with passing time.


5) There is no communication whatsoever between the two. You find no ways and words to express. You also find that person in front is not ready to understand your smallest of feelings. The relationship has become so cold that words and gestures make no meaning. Communication is only thing that can mend anything in world but if this channel is broken then there is nothing anyone can do.


6) Surprises that make you feel bad rather good about relationship. You may find that your opinion has not been taken or person has done something without your knowledge. We love surprises but if we are not given due importance then it makes us feel like unwanted. Remember such things can be as small as information about them. But if it is missed it misses the whole point altogether.


7) When a third person make an entry. It is the clear and unfortunately worst sign that can ever happen. You may find that all attention and love has been diverted. The person is no more sharing his problems with you but is getting closer to someone else. Even in your nice moments the person is thinking of someone else rather than you two.


8) The person is not taking care of himself leave aside you. He is spending too much time in his hobbies or work and is getting mad about them. You may find that there are other things which are more important in his life and suddenly there is no more a space for you.


9)  The person is so possessive about you that he does not like either the people you hang out with or even the members of your family. This attitude has gone so deep in his nerves that it puts you under suspicion every time you do anything. These are certainly signs of insecurity which you can mend with proper communication. But if you feel that it is getting worse then it is time to get over it.


10) Last but not the least if the person is not with you and is completely unconcerned about your dreams and aspirations. There is an emotional bond that imbibes sharing and valuing what we love and care about. You may find the person is no more interested in what you want to be, what you want to do, your next steps in life, goals, ambitions etc. You may get a cold response or a mocking behavior even when you try to talk about it. If there is no understanding and respect left it is certainly a bad situation.



No one wants to hurt or get hurt especially in relationships. But it is also not prudent to carry the dead weight with you in your life. There are solutions to the problems till the time there is a willingness to resolve them. Hearts do change and so are the relationships.

This article is just about the signs of breaking up relationship. I sincerely hope that my readers discover them early in their life and work hard to mend them. Knowing that there is a problem is always better than not having any knowledge of it. Since these things relate your life and emotions, it is important to step back and take some time to do introspection and resolve them amicably.



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