As a love relationship progresses, we discover that like any other bond, it needs care and nourishment so as to flourish. Love cannot go unexpressed. In fact, there are generally hundreds of reasons that we love someone, and yet, when it comes to telling that special person how we feel, it is often hard to express even a few. Get time to understand that there is one person who means so much to you; for you might get up one morning losing that someone, who you thought destined nothing to you. Love is considering you through someone's eyes and ruling yourself in somebody's heart. Once you accept someone and what they really are, they will astonish you by being better than you ever expected. LOVE is affectionate/ accepting that special someone with all his/her strength and weaknesses.

Though loving someone does not require any reason but, still one thinks of some points before getting into a strong love relationship.

Winning Personality

Looks aren't everything. Many people date a guy who has an awesome personality and treats their partner like a person that he actually cares about. A charming and good personality can compose someone who isn't all that handsome; seem a lot smarter. Looks do play a role in grabbing someone's attention. But, at the same time, see to it that the outer as well as inner personalities are same for the person you love. In some cases, personality means, "He tries to be something which he is actually not!" He seems to be good, maybe he is bad! It is a fact that women are most of the times attracted to guys having unique and fascinating personalities.


Romantic Nature

We like it, when someone pays attention to the small things. If your partner mentions that he/she would like to try a particular restaurant or would like to trip to a certain place, make an intellectual note of it. Your partner will feel unique and special, if you memorize one of the little things. It would also not impair these things to put in writing. Tell your partner, how much you love him on a regular basis. Many guys wonder why they need to say "I love you," when in their heart they already feel it. But women like to hear it or like to hear when you say it. The more you say it, the better it would be.


Amazing Sense of Humour

People with good sense of humour have a good sense of life. Having good sense of humour is one of the most important characteristics of falling in love with someone. People with good sense of humour solve problems, improve their relationships, and have a positive outlook on virtually every aspect of their life.  And this is the reason individuals fall in love with people having good sense of humour.


Feeling Comfortable with that Special Someone

Prior to falling in love with someone, one of the major issues that require to be addressed between two individuals is how comfortable they experience with each other. This is mainly critical if the relationship may progress towards a live in setup. When sharing equal living space, lack of comfort for each person can outcome with trouble in the relationship. If we match our individual needs for comfort with another’s, then only we can totally relax with each other.


Common Interests

Common interest is one of the most important pillars of a successful relationship. If we don’t share any common interest then they would at last be on the contrary ends today or some other day in future. But it’s a fact that common interest does develop love in our hearts and we fall in love with that special someone with whom we share our hobbies and interests. Both the partners must know each other in order to have an everlasting bonding relationship.


Honesty and Truthfulness

It is obvious that honesty and truthfulness are essential for a healthy relationship. Mutual trust, honesty, and kindness are the key contributors to the feelings of friendship and love. On the other hand, it is very tough to be in a relationship with a person who distorts or withholds information decisive to that relationship.


Sense of Security

In the path of a romantic relationship, sense of security plays a key role in shaping the direction of the relationship. Without the sense of security, a romantic relationship will crumble as soon as it happened. Strong couples need a feeling of security in their relationship.



Companionship is very essential in relationship. It is an intimacy or ease, a proper and exact partnership between individuals, who get connected for some reasons. Companionship is an expression that sparks in us, when we listen to the words like lifetime partners.


Talk about everything or nothing

When you are with your loved one, you feel like heaven. You can talk about anything or everything, doesn’t matter you are talking or not. And this is a marvellous feeling. No burden.  You have tremendous reasons to sit together and spend time with each other, whether you are talking or not.



Spending life with the loved ones provides a sense of purpose; gives us reason to celebrate our happiness and love. The influence of love is hidden, and when it comes out, works like magic.

When you meet someone, and it is truly special, you can nearly visualize a cord of light extending from you to them. And as this cord starts to shine with the warmth of that relation, you actually feel something is taking place. You may feel deep connection, eternal bond, like you have always known this person, as they have always been with you. When it happens, it is something to be valued.

Discover how to make a strong foundation for your relationship with friendship, respect and passion. Discover how you can bring love by using strategies of influence based on behavioral psychology principles.


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