10 Nice Things To Say To Someone

Call it a conversation starters or conversation advancers but talking nice things is one of the basic formulas to attract and influence people. It is an important aspect of communication where you not only give due attention to the person in front but also make yourself much desirable. Every human being craves to be appreciated, acknowledged, and known for what they are and their individual self.  Saying nice things not only satisfy their hunger but also make them open to talk more freely. There are numerous situations where we want favorable response in a flick of a second and being nice is one of the mechanisms that can do the work for you. In my earlier posts (Effective and Active Listening and How To Attract People) I have highlighted on the important aspect of communication but this post goes a step further and gives you pointers on things that can be talked about in a nice and impressive manner.


The choices of words are the real game changer. How you express yourself depends upon the words you use that can make it lovable or mechanical. This is definitely an art and the more your practice or read about it, the more are the chances to make that real impact. The expression does matter and the real examples are plenty of movies that are filled up with emotions to rattle their audience. Most of the articles available on web relates to saying nice things to a girl, girlfriend, boy or boyfriend ignoring the vary fact that there are tremendous relationship that exists in today’s world. The person whom you want to acknowledge can be your boss, neighbor or even a stranger who means a lot to you and your business. The intention of this post is to list those areas that can be talked about and nice things that be covered in it.

10 Nice Things To Say To Someone



This post gives you an idea on 10 things to say to someone which is nothing more than 10 areas that can be talked about. Make best use of them as per the situation and you would find the real difference. Yes, people love to talk about themselves and nothing compares if something nice is being said to them. Let’s start with each one of them


1) Intelligence- Appreciate their intelligence or their achievements. It is always nice to talk about problems they have solved, work they have done, or the recognition that they have got. That presentation was wonderful, Your writing excites me, That point just made my day are some of the examples of nice things to say to someone and appreciate their intelligence.


2) Looks- Call it flirting or appreciation of beauty but appreciating looks or saying nice things about it makes a real impact. People are hungry for this kind of appreciation and if you deliver it nicely, depending upon situation, you wont need to do more hard work after that. You look beautiful, You have beautiful voice etc. are some of examples. At same time commenting about someone’s body parts is not decent at all.


3) Dress or Accessories- The appreciation of dress, perfume, bracelet etc or any other accessory that compliments the beauty is another area that can be complimented or. You Smell Great, You have lot of class, You look different etc. are some of the nice things you can say.


4) Possessions– That diamond, beautiful house, car, or displays of luxury are other areas which in itself deserve admiration. The vary fact that a lot of money has been spent on them makes them eligible to be appreciated and recognized. Nice Wheels, Classy House, Beautiful Garden etc. are some of the examples


5) Affiliations- Association to a charity, group, social cause etc. are other areas where you can make person feel really important. Your appreciation of their involvement can make them feel important. You charity is doing nice job, your social cause is very impressive are some of nice things which can be talked about.


6) Recent Engagements- Has the person been involved in something which is away from their normal work. Any win scored in totally unrelated area makes up for a topic on which you can talk nice things. Never knew you play so good, nice to see you play golf etc. are some of things you can say.


7) Interests- Associating someone with things that interests them make a perfect choice. Never seen such a rocking soccer fan, your knowledge of Baseball is just amazing are perfect words to say to someone who live, eat, dream and breathe the things that they like.


8) Environment– People do put a lot of effort on environment when they are host. Appreciating the effort and saying nice things about little details you can notice does great work. The party concept is amazing, the finer details you have put look fabulous etc are some of things you can say to the person.



9) Family- Appreciating wife, kids and the way person take care of his family can make nice conversation. People are fond of their family especially kids and at times it is the right chord to touch. Your daughter was amazing in the play, your son matches your caliber are some of examples which you can talk about.


10) Extending Help- Offering or extending help can be a great initiator for a conversation and gives you the required time to carry the conversation further. Don’t hesitate to offer help and offer more often. Delicious Food- Can I help you in something, You look tired let me do it for you etc. are some of nice things to say to someone.


The above being the primary areas, there can be more and you can use them as the situation might demand. Being nice is about giving respect and saying words that make someone look wonderful inside. 10 nice things to say to someone is just a starting point. Make it your habit and you would see the difference in your personality. The difference would be for the real.


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  1. To tell you the truth, I suck at starting a conversation, I don't know where to begin! Thanks to your list I now have a weapon to blend in. :-)

  2. wow,this was a really good thing to look at!i'm always having problems with complimenting on stuff.good job!!!!i love this a lo, and i mean a lot!

  3. May I suggest adding honesty to the equation? :).; I believe that, whenever you want to be nice to somebody, you should tell them what you really appreciate about them, even if it's not that great of a quality. A compliment that you offer sincerely is worth 10 times more than one that you just "toss" to make someone feel good. Also, the latter can sometimes backfire, too :P

  4. I would like to read more about the things I should and should not say when I am in a conversation.
    by the way. thank you for this list you made

  5. Hahahahaha ththththt sesesesesmymymymy friend is coooooooolllllll!!!! :))))))

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