10 Crazy Ways To Become Physically Fit

Everybody wants to become and remain physically fit, isn’t it? Only by being physically fit and active can you enjoy life’s pleasures to the fullest. Maintaining oneself physically fit has some advantages that everybody will love to avail. These include extended lifespan, less sickness and diseases, fewer medical expenses and looking much younger than your age. 

However, becoming physically fit does not come easily to everyone. Some have it in their genes, but others have to puff and pant to remain in shape. There are numerous ways that result in making you physically fit. Exercise, yoga and dieting are just some of them. In spite of having these methods and knowing their effectiveness, how many of us can follow these? Can we have any simple steps that we can incorporate in or rather ‘disturb’ our routine, and will help us in remaining active?

10 Crazy Ways To Become Physically Fit

Given below are 10 ‘crazy’ ideas. Integrate them in your habits and routine. Though it takes a bit of craziness and discipline on our part, they will certainly find you walking more and their effectiveness is worth looking forward to.

1.            Misplace your car keys: Yes, misplace your car keys intentionally. Throw the keys at such a place that you will not remember easily. When the time requires you to get going, you will have to catch taxi or other means of commutation. This will force you to walk up to the road and may be further down to the office.

2.         Park half a mile away: If you prefer to commute by your own car, park your car half a mile away; or at least a block away. This will compel you to walk that extra distance while coming to the office and going home.

3.         Take to mass transport: Get walking to the nearest bus stop or station. Probably, you will have to walk at the other end as well. This will save a lot of money spent on conveyance as mass transport is cheaper.  Other than physical, this will help your consciousness by reducing your carbon footprints.  

4.         Down the elevators: We do not easily take to the stairs, so better pay any electrician to switch off the elevators. Ask him to make its circuit out of order or develop some snag. This idea is likely to cause inconvenience to the other users; but who knows, they may also start using the stair case and become physically fit.

5.         Join the most expensive fitness club: Yes! Get the membership of the costliest fitness club in town. Even better, enrol for three or five years at a time. The amount paid for this will keep you on your toes; as you will certainly not allow such a huge amount go down the drain. You are more likely to utilise the facility without fail, at least for the sake of money paid.

6.         Carry limited cash: If you get eating binges and tend to devour irresistible dishes every now and then; carry very limited and only essential cash while going out. Avoid carrying plastic money as well. By this you will be forced to control your ‘extra’ diet and avoid taking in those extra calories or junk.

7.         Hide your remote: Remote controls are responsible in making us couch potatoes. Hide that remote, so that every time you need to change the program or adjust the volume, you will have to get up and walk up to the TV set. This way you will surely walk at least a mile within a couple of hours. Irritating isn’t it? Then better switch off that TV set permanently and substitute it with some other healthy habit like reading books or jogging.

8.         Place the alarm clock out of reach:  Do you find it difficult to get out of bed every morning? The easiest way is to set an alarm and keep it at a place from where you can hear the alarm but your arm cannot reach the clock. So that you will have to get out of the bed in order to put it off. Once out of bed, stay out of it. If you set an alarm for early timing, go for jogging or any exercise. 

9.         Get someone to knock your doors: Another way of waking up early is to get someone knock at your door or ring your doorbell until you open the door. Probably, a person who himself goes for a morning exercise and is regular in timing is more suitable for this job. If you can get different people or naughty children do this job, nothing better.

10.       Get a dog: Take him for a round of walk daily; or play with him. Play simple running games with him. Play touching a wall and coming back; and try to beat him in speed. Take twists and turns like he does. If you play sincerely, the dog will help you lose a lot of sweat and fat.

            Well, are not these ideas crazy? If you are crazy for becoming physically fit, you can devise many more such ideas. Whatever the idea, you need to stick to them to get long term benefits. So, do not wait for another day. Start now.


This Post is Written By Sanjeev Raspaile

Photo Credit- Pasma

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